My Love Affair With Coffee

It is no secret that I love coffee. I mean, my blog name starts with a slang word for coffee, so it’s not a surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tea (especially Earl Grey) but coffee is my go-to morning beverage. The methodical steps to make it, choosing one of my fun mugs, waiting for the brew to be ready while I sleepily let the dog out and open the house for the day; it’s a ritual that pays off with a mug of delicious, sweet, nutty, liquid heat.

For me, coffee is tied to wonderful memories around the kitchen table eating breakfast while my grandparents and mother enjoyed their coffee. The grandparents drank it black while my mother took/takes hers with sugar and cream. In fact, my coffee mojo is still so strong I can replicate the exact color of her preferred cup of coffee within two tries, even after all these years!

To this day, when I smell coffee I get happy. Like, ‘grinning like a jackass’ happy because of the strong memories tied to the smell. It is the smell of calm, of family, and of mornings full of promise and the assurance that all is right with the world.

Here is hoping that all is right with your world. Cheers!