Travel Quick Shots -Mission San Jose, San Antonio, Texas

This month, we are back in the US for Travel Quick Shots and exploring Mission San Jose. One of five missions that were established on the banks of the San Antonio River in the 1700s, San Jose is know as the Queen of the Missions. The WPA restored this location in the mid-1930s to what you see today. Missions were more than places to worship, they were communities; active social hubs.

Today, you can walk the grounds at a leisurely place and enjoy the solitude.  Somehow, I  timed my visit perfectly and was the only person there the entire 2 hours. Maybe that had something to do with  100° heat and 90% humidity?

I ca highly recommend anyone who loves architecture, history, Americana, or Catholicism to drop in and explore.


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved

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