Travel Quick Shots – Cairo, Egypt

From age 7 I wanted to be an Egyptologist. I imagined being dressed in Victorian garb, button boots, and a parasol to shade myself from the desert sun, as I searched for anitquities and pharaoh tombs. That desire never left, so when I had the chance to visit Egypt I could barely contain my excitement. Sadly, the global situation being what it is, caution is advised, but I’ve never met friendlier people who wanted to know about America, who had kind things to say about it, and who were proud of their country and happy to show it off. I have many good memories of the places I saw and the people I met. Not to mention the weight I gained eating koshari every chance I got!


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved

Please respect my photo copyrights and do not use these images. If you are interested in obtaining rights to any of my images, please contact by completing the Contact page. Thank you.


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