Getting the Most Out Of Life – What’s Your Happy?

I was visiting with a friend recently and we got to talking about the way of the world, how scary things look sometime, and what we can do about it. Not having the right words, all I could say was “focus on the happy moments and let go of the unhappy ones.” It seemed to be the right thing to say because after our chat, she took that advice to heart and made some changes. She left a job that was making her unhappy, took her health back, and got rid of some familial baggage that was weighing her down. I was so inspired by her actions, I decided to implement a new daily review section in my journal.

Aside: Yes, I keep a journal. I’ve kept a journal since I started working. It’s my to-do list, goal list, keeper of receipts, tracking tool, and planner. Without it I am lost. Let me express my true feelings about my journal by knocking off this famous quote from the movie, Full Metal Jacket: THIS IS MY JOURNAL. THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE. MY JOURNAL IS MY BEST FRIEND. IT IS MY LIFE. I MUST MASTER IT AS I MASTER MY LIFE. WITHOUT ME IT IS USELESS, WITHOUT MY JOURNAL I AM USELESS.

Back to my new daily review section. I am calling it the 3 Happy. What three things happened today that made me happy? So far, my list includes:

  1. hikes/walks with the dog
  2. a perfect cup of coffee
  3. getting checked in to my hotel room quickly
  4. kicking ass on a client project
  5. hearing from a friend
  6. finding $10 in a jacket pocket
  7. waking up before the alarm and not being tired
  8. having only 2 people in my 3-person row on an airplane
  9. winning $2 on a scratcher ticket
  10. hearing a favorite song I haven’t heard in 15 years
  11. getting a new Twitter follower
  12. finding cheap airfare
  13. locating a pen I thought I’d lost
  14. turning another year older (it’s a privilege despite the grey hair)
  15. 10 extra minutes of quiet cuddles with the dog before I have to start my day
  16. and countless other small things

I think the small things add up to big happiness. One of my favorite sites, says it best.


What do you think? Can you find your 3 Happy each day? Sound off in the comments section.