12 Days of Christmas – Java and Junket-Style, Day 4

It’s that time of year when we exchange gifts to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just the joy we feel towards friends and family.

For Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas my gift recommendation makes a great package decoration! A globe ornament is one of the best gifts I’ve given. When I presented it to ‘he who shall not be named’ several years ago, I had it tied to a box that contained plane tickets for our next trip. Every year, it gets hung on the tree and we can reminisce about all the trips we’ve taken solo and together.

Lots of retailers offer globe ornaments, but I particularly love the antique feel of this Age of Exploration version from 1WorldGlobes.com. At $20, it is a faithful reproduction of a globe designed by Didier R Vaugondy, cartographer to Louis XIV in 1745. Swap out the hanging string with a festive ribbon for even more holiday flair. I used a length of wired green velvet ribbon to give it extra ‘zhuzh’.


Give your sweetie the gift of the world with this charming little orb! If you don’t hang it on a tree, try hanging it on a door knob or drawer pull to add charm to your surrounds. I can never have too many globes and believe that having globes and maps around keeps world travel vibes in the air so opportunities to travel will come your way. So far, my plan is working!

Happy Gift Giving!

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