Travel Quick Shots – Machu Picchu and Ollantaytamo, Peru

So famous and so photographed, Manchu Pichhu is amazing, that’s true. But it is only the beginning of the fascinating history of this part of the Andes. Inca sites, colonial settlements, and modern cities all color the landscape, and what a landscape it is. At elevations of almost 8000 feet and over 9000 feet respectively, these two destinations afford you the views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas that will move you beyond measure. Thin air, thousands of years of history, and a culture so advanced they could construct monuments of exacting measurements without the use of mortar; purely by knowing how to cut each stone to fit perfectly with the others; it is literally and figuratively breathtaking.


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved

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