Travel Quick Shots – Brussels, Belgium

As a fan of medieval history I was enchanted by Brussels. The central square of the city features architecture from as early as the 1300s, with most of it dating to the 1600s. Walking around Brussels is like walking through an enormous art museum. The buildings, the street installations, the people; it all jumbles together to create a mix of styles, ages, perspectives, and commentaries on the world as it was, how it is, and how it should be.

Brussels is a city that is old and new, trendy and traditional, bizarre and conventional. I don’t think many people traveling to Europe think to bounce over to Belgium and they are all missing out. In addition to the delight of Bruges, Brussels is a destination worthy of any itinerary.


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved


©M McCown All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “Travel Quick Shots – Brussels, Belgium

  1. Evangelina07 says:

    I truly enjoyed looking at your photos. I have been to Brussels a few years ago. It is such a pretty city. In my opinion it does not get the right amount of attention it should get.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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