My Latest Travel Gadget Discoveries!

The summer season may be on the downswing but there is still time to squeeze in some holiday time AND scoop up some cool travel-related gear. As someone who loves to flip through the SkyMall catalogue and linger over the travel aisle in any department store, I was excited to learn about the following items.

  1. Anyone who has ever been to the beach knows the joy of the sea breezes and the annoying way that sand gets EVERYWHERE. The inventors of this sandless beach towel have been there and they developed a solution. I have not tried this but it comes in a variety of sizes and claims to make sand disappear. The video is pretty compelling and I do like the D-ring functionality, allowing for the towel/blanket to be staked down on windy days.

    image from vendor website:

  2. Whether you are hiking serious backcountry or off on a year-long RTW adventure, you will still have the need to do some laundry. Enter the Scrubba Wash Bag! This little bag features internal ‘nubbies’ that scrubba-scrubba your clothes without having to beat them on a rock. And all this time, I’ve been using an extra-large resealable baggie!

    Scrubba Wash Bag

    image from vendor website:

  3. Once you’ve done your laundry on the road, you may have some wrinkles to smooth. If so, this adorable tiny steamer (measuring only 6.13″ L x 4.75″ W x 3.875″ H) may be just what you need. I love the idea behind this, but it may make more sense to choose fabrics that don’t wrinkle or smooth out what an overnight hang. Even when I travel for a multi-day business trip, my lightweight wool blazers and pants/skirts smooth out quickly. The blouses of crepe and cotten/lyocell blends don’t wrinkle at all so I’m not sure this gadget is for me.
  4. Wanna try on your inner Hipster? Hop aboard one of these luggage scooters. Co-designed by Steve Aoki, this is a stylish (and slightly risky) way of racing through the 10, 600 feet of Atlanta’s Hartsfield termial. If I was traveling for a short weekend getaway to San Diego I’d be inclined to try this gadget (also available in black) I could use it at the airport and then, zip down the sidewalks of my destination. But, I’d want to wrap up in a helmet and wrist-guards, I think.

    image from vendor website:

  5. From the nice-to-have to a need-to-have, the gotenna provides text messaging and GPS without ANY cell/mobile service. While it seems pricey, you do get either 2 or 4 devices for that cost. I don’t take my cell phone when I travel abroad but I love the idea of being able to take it with me and use it for texts and have it for GPS in the event I get lost. This seems like a ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to kitting out an emergency kit, too. So many applications for this, I am putting it on my Christmas wishlist! Go, goTenna, Go!
  6. Finally, another must-have for your travel kit or emergency kit. The LuminAid PackLite 16 gives you LED light that is solar-powered! According to their website, this tiny mighty can provide up to 30 hours of light. It comes with two extra lights and features an extra bright setting and a flashing mode. It is small, portable, and as green as it gets. I also love the story of their Give A Light, Get A Light program. Here is another item for my Christmas wish list (hopefully they will be back in stock by then). I think these would be great to have in your hotel room, tent, hostel dorm, office, kitchen, or just toss a couple in the pool to light up the night. Sometimes, technology is amazing.
    LuminAID PackLite 16

    image from vendor website:

    What do you think about these gadgets? Do you have any? Do you want any? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading and, as always, this is an unsponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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