Late Summer Splash!

As we cruise towards fall, it’s time to seize the (vacation) day! As I entertain ideas of US-based destinations, I fortuitously got the latest Four Seasons eZine.

I am a huge fan of the Four Seasons and when you add one of my favorite places, Santa Barbara, I am giddy with excitement! Especially, with the ‘cover story’!

Awash with color, the focus (pun intended) is on Gray Malin and his shoot of the Aqualillies at the Coral Club Casino and Cabana Club for the 90th anniversary of the Four Seasons The Biltmore Santa Barbara. Rather than make you read my superlatives, enjoy some photos from the piece. These definitely put you in a vacation state of mind!

I love the retro/modern feel! All I need is a Sherried Gin Fizz, a high-waisted bikini, and some ‘Deano’ on the hi-fi! Makes me want to book a Santa Barbara spin!

All photos are property of Gray Malin.

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