Welcome to the boring “About Me” page. How does one make this page interesting without coming across like a self-aggrandizing jackass? I guess by keeping it simple, so here goes….

What I love: coffee, travel, photography, my family, books, dogs, learning, the smell of bergamot, walking/hiking, and beautiful things. Not necessarily in that order.

What I like: maps, the smell of freshly cut grass, getting a new journal full of blank pages, discovering new (to me) places, napping, and a good mystery story.

What I don’t like: lack of manners, people chewing with their mouths open, the BBC news alert going off at 2am (automatic panic inducer 🙂), and hatred fueled by ignorance.

With 6 continents visited and a couple of full passports, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet, but there is still so much of the world to see! I believe in kindness, making the everyday moments special, hard work, and honesty. Lifelong education is a priority and I am always challenging myself with something (right now it is Spanish, ASL, and a boot camp to learn HTML and CSS coding (eek!))

What’s up with that name – Java and Junket?
I am glad you asked. Java is slang for coffee and junket is a synonym for a journey or excursion. As a travel-obsessed coffee freak, the name felt right. Oh, and in case your buying the coffee,  I like my java black and sweet.


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